Thursday, December 17, 2009

325cc Breast Implants and Your Cup Size

My New Breast Size With 325cc Breast Implants

Before and after pics of 325cc breast implants do not always tell the real truth. When you undergo breast implant surgery this is one of the more important questions that you will want to know the answer to. Additionally, the breast implant profile (either low, moderate, or high) will also affect how 325cc will change your breast size. How can you have a good idea before you have your breast augmentation surgery if you will be satisfied with 325cc breast implants?

Before and After 325cc Breast Implants

Your breast enlargement surgeon will only be able to approximate how a set of 325cc breast implants will change the size of your breasts. The simple reasons this is true is because: 1) every woman's body is unique and 2) there is no standardized method of measurement from the bra manufacturers Regardless of whether women had to use rice or birdseed, this primitive method was so ineffective that the decision on breast implant sizes had become the number one reason for breast augmentation dissatisfaction after the surgery. It is only your breast implant doctor who can most accurately predict how 325cc breast implants will affect your bra size.

Resulting breast size with 325cc Breast Implants

If you are an A cup today you will most likely be a C after your breast implant procedure. If you now wear a B cup you might be in the range a D afterwards, and if you presently have a C cup you will likely be in the range of a DD after the breast enhancement. Many doctors have said that it takes about 175cc to 200cc to increase your breast size by approximately one cup size. There are several factors that can impact these approximations however such as the profile of the breast implant, placement over the muscle or under, your present muscle tissue and more.

Use Breast Implant Sizing Systems To Try Out Your Size With 325cc Breast Implants

I really want to encourage you to focus on what you want your new breast size to be versus the actual breast implant size. The newest breast implant sizing systems on the market today is very effective in helping you decide what breast implant size is the smart choice for you. Many women thinking about this implant size will buy a set of implant sizers, buying a set of sizers at least 50cc's both on the larger side and smaller side than 325cc breast implants. In years past women were allowed only to try out breast implant sizers in the cosmetic surgeon's office, but today you can buy a system to use at home on your own time.

Sizers for 325cc Breast Implants

The pure advantage with Purlz Breast Implant Sizers is that you can test different sizes while wearing your favorite clothing and even go about your normal daily activities. There is truly nothing like an actual trial of wearing varying breast sizes similar to 325cc breast implants to determine which of the implant sizes is ideal for your body type. Purlz are tester breast implants, created like a breast enhancer made comparable in size to that of real implants. Purlz are designed to look and feel natural in nearly any clothing, doing nearly any activity. Wearing the Purlz Breast Sizing System is a great way to basically test-drive different breast sizes.

325cc Breast Implants: Before and After Pictures Online

Before and after photos of 325cc breast implants are definitely fun to look at, but you need to understand that these photos can contain significant distortions. Using your 325cc implant sizers make two photos, both with and without your favorite sizes. In this method you are creating before and after photos of yourself that you can show to your breast implant surgeon. Some doctors will even bring these photos into the operating room while performing your surgery as a reminder of what size you want to be. Bring your photos to your breast surgeon so that you can talk about how you felt about each of the different breast sizes.

How will I know if 325cc breast implants is the best size for me?

Simply put there is no better way to decide if 325cc breast implants is best for you than to try them on. After your surgery you may have wished to have gotten 50ccs larger or smaller, but if you have not tried on the sizers you will never really know until after surgery. Between the consult and the procedure date you will need to research your implant size choice very thoroughly because after the procedure it is simply too late to change the implant size. It is truly amazing to me how many women choose their implant size based upon before and after pictures and theory.

Silicone or Saline

Will you be opting for saline or silicone breast implants for your procedure? Each of them has a distinct set of benefits that you will want to take into consideration. Avoid the most common mistake in breast enlargement surgery by trying on your new breast size with 325cc breast implants ahead of time. You should begin to do your research this early on in your process since much of the procedure will depend upon what type of implant you choose.

You probably want to begin using implant sizers for 325cc breast implants immediately, even if you have not had your breast aug consultation yet. During the consult with your breast implant surgeon you will only have twenty minutes or so to decide upon an implant size. With Purlz breast implant sizers you will be able to take your time to test them out at home on your own time. You could literally spend each week trying one implant size at a time.


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