Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Breast Implants: C cup

Are you planning on C cup breast implants? What are the implant sizes will you need to achieve your goal breast size? How will you know before your procedure if C cup breast implants is the right breast implant size for you? These are important questions in planning the process of choosing your breast implant sizes in breast augmentation.

While in the past years you were limited to trying on breast implant sizers at the plastic surgeon's office there has been a significant development in the industry to help you choose the sizes of your implants. The innovative Purlz Breast Sizing System allows you to experiment with a variety of breast implant sizes. Since Purlz feel and look quite natural you can wear them throughout the day without fear of detection. You can try these sizers on at home or even wear them out for a weekend of shopping.

How will you know if C cup breast implants is the right breast implant size for you? Try wearing your Purlz in all of your typical daily activities. Try each of the implant sizes included in the package to see which breast size is a good fit for you. Avoid the number one mistake in breast augmentation by using at-home breast implant sizers. With the Purlz Breast Sizing System you can try a C cup one week and a D cup the next!


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