Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Cup Size is 390cc Implants?

My New Breast Size With 390cc Breast Implants

Women choose to undergo breast implant surgery for a wide variety of different reasons. Naturally a question of yours will be what your breast size will be after the procedure. Getting your breast size right the 1st time in breast surgery is a surprisingly difficult decision. How can you plan before you have your breast augmentation procedure if you will be satisfied with 390cc breast implants?

Understanding 390cc Breast Implants

Your plastic surgeon will only be able to approximate how a set of 390cc breast implants will change your breast size. The reason this is true is because: 1) every woman's body is unique and 2) there is no standardized method of measurement from the bra manufacturers With this in mind you should understand that these sizes are only estimates. Contact your breast augmentation surgeon for more info. It is only your breast enhancement surgeon who can predict how 390cc breast implants will affect your bra size.

What is my breast size with 390cc Breast Implants?

Based on this implant size, if you are an A cup today you will most likely be a full C after your breast augmentation procedure. If you already have a B cup you might be a DD, whereas if you currently have a C cup you will probably be in the area of a full DD after the procedure. Of course, the best determination of how 390cc breast implants will affect your breast size will be predicted by your breast implant surgeon. There are several factors that can impact these approximations however such as the profile of the breast implant, placement over the muscle or under, your present muscle tissue and more.

Using Implant Sizers To Estimate Your Size With 390cc Breast Implants

I really want to encourage you to focus on what you want your new breast size to be versus the actual breast implant size. You should try wearing a set of implant sizers and try out different size ranges. Most women looking for this implant size will buy a set of implant sizers, getting sizers at least 50cc's both smaller and larger than 390cc breast implants. In this way both you and your surgeon can truly communicate in terms of what breast implant size will achieve the results you have when you wear the sizers.

Sizers for 390cc Breast Implants

The advantage with Purlz Breast Implant Sizers is that you can try on your favorite clothing and even go about your normal daily activities while wearing different breast sizes. There is truly nothing like an extended trial period of wearing varying breast sizes similar to 390cc breast implants to determine which of the breast sizes is ideal for your body. Purlz are test breast implants, created like a bra pad made comparable in size to that of real breast implants. Purlz sizers were carefully designed to look natural in nearly any clothing, while you do nearly any normal activity. Wearing Purlz is kind of like a test-drive of a car except this is for different breast sizes.

390cc Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Before and after pictures of 390cc breast implants are definitely interesting to look at, but you need to understand that these pictures can contain distortions. A truly better way to test sizes with pictures is to take before and after photos of yourself while wearing differerent breast implant sizes. In this way you are making before and after photos of yourself that you can show to your breast implant surgeon. Bring your photos to your plasitc surgeon so that you can discuss how you felt about each of the different breast sizes.

How will I know if 390cc breast implants is the right size for me?

Are 390cc breast implants the best size on your body? Maybe I should most appropriately answer the question this way: How will you know until you try them out? After your surgery you may have wished to have gotten 50ccs larger or smaller, but if you have not tried on the sizers you will never really know. Try on different implant sizes today with a system from Purlz. If you are at the point of choosing breast implant sizes, you definitely need to look towards L.W. Gatz and the Purlz Breast Sizing System!

Please do not underplay the importance of the breast implant size decision. When you sit down and consider that all the costs and risks exist with a second surgery you should spend as much time as possible preparing as much as possible for this surgery. Avoid the most common mistake in breast implant surgery by trying on your new breast size with 390cc breast implants ahead of time. The cost of a great set of breast implant sizers is really very small considering the total cost of breast augmentation.

Recent breast augmentation statistics have shown that women who are dissatisfied with their breast implants afterwards, wish they had chosen a different size of breast implants. Most of these women have reported, in fact, that they wish they had opted for a slightly larger size. In some cases they underestimated how well their new look would be perceived by family and friends. For women that have tried sizers for 390cc breast implants before breast augmentation, they get the opportunity to get over this perception before they make their final size decision. Try wearing your breast implant sizers in as many situations as possible. Wear them to work, at home, or out shopping. Trying different sizes over time can help you make our decision!


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